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Camp Cloakwood

I took a 12-week course called Illustration for Motion through School of Motion where I was able to improve my digital illustration skills and challenge myself with each assignment. 


The Camp Cloakwood assignment involved creating 8 style frames for a 30-second promotional video for a fictitious adult camp called Camp Cloakwood in which adults learn dragon training, spell book binding, broom maintenance, etc.

The Process

For this assignment, I received the script and a description of Camp Cloakwood, along with a general idea of what the images might look like and the mood of the piece. My tasks were to create a consistent illustration style, concept, colors and style frames by creating a mind map, mood board, and storyboards with the script. It's always a good idea to reference real life to create illustrations so that they're more accurate, so I took some photos that were kind of awkward, but helpful!

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