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Veruna Explainer Video

I took a 12-week course called Explainer Camp through School of Motion where I was able to better my craft at creating explainer videos. We got to choose a business to create a 30-second public service announcement for and I chose a non-profit called Veruna that advocates for clean, potable water with a water filter technology that they implement.

The Process

I was given a creative brief, the logo and colors I should use. I created a project estimate and timeline, took notes on the client call, put together mood boards and three style concepts, sketched out a rough storyboard, turned that into an animatic, designed and illustrated style frames to come up with a unique look for the piece, turned that into a boardimatic, cut in a professional voice-over and sound design and animated it. Before I purchased the professional voice-over, I used a scratch version with my own voice. I didn't love hearing my own recorded voice but it was helpful for making sure my timing was correct!

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